ARC's services are designed to enhance supply chain visibility while reducing your bottom line expense!

ARC offers a full service TMS, Dynamic Reporting, Modal Optimization, Financial Services and Warehouse Operations.

Using ARC Supply Chain Solutions will eliminate the need to invest in expensive software to manage your transportation needs.


ARC Transportation Management System (TMS)

  • Provides complete supply chain visibility for all shipments from the time they are scheduled in the system until they are delivered, invoiced and paid.
  • Provides tools for rate and modal optimization based on loaded rates and carriers
  • Procure and manage carrier rates and performance
  • Creates a single point for storing and retrieving all supply chain data
  • Full EDI capabilities

Dynamic Reporting

  • All reports can be customized to fit the client's needs
  • Scheduled reports sent direct to email – determine the content, when, how often and who should receive a report
  • All reports can be exported in either Excel, PDF or Jasper format


  • Order entry
  • Shipment tracking
  • Reports
  • Imaged documents
  • Contact list
  • Pricing contracts
  • Rate Shop and Transit Time Calculator
  • Carrier contact information


Freight Bill Audit/Pay

  • Ability to report estimated freight spend within 1% of actual costs
  • Visibility to see all shipments with outstanding invoices
  • GL code entry and reports

Cost Allocation

  • By utilizing ARC's Transportation Management System our clients can allocate all freight costs across program, mode and GL
  • Our clients can schedule custom summary reports capturing freight costs as often as required
  • This allows our clients to accurately calculate their immediate freight cost exposure


Warehouse Consolidation

  • Take advantage of ARC's strategic location in Detroit, MI to consolidate your LTL shipments destined for Canada or Mexico.
  • By consolidating shipments you will save freight cost, reduce transit time and decrease the number of trucks that hit your dock on a daily basis.
  • ARC's secure consolidation facility is TSA compliant and utilizes the latest technologies to ensure accurate and timely deliveries.

Warehouse Consignment

  • If you have a high volume of International shipments let ARC help you establish consignment agreements with your International supply chain.
  • This allows you to reduce your inventory and freight costs by receiving smaller shipments on a more frequent basis from the Consignment center.

Warehouse Distribution/Short Term Storage

  • Capitalize on ARC's Warehouse Management System to securely and accurately store your merchandise for distribution throughout North America.
  • All orders can be sent electronically through our Warehouse Management System.
  • Real time inventory levels can be viewed by the customer through our WMS portal.